We are thrilled to launch our Virtual Fit Club! 

Keep moving SoCo! Health and mental wellbeing is so important to us that we have created a Virtual Library that you will have access to all of our  award winning instructors in the comfort of your own home.  Check it out – we have over 150+ classes available at your fingertips.  Are you still feeling a little uncomfortable to come into the gym or are your traveling and unable to get to your favorite class?  Don’t worry – we have you covered!  This library of classes has been added to all of CHFC memberships options.  Yes, you read that right… this Virtual Library is FREE to all of our amazing members.  Don’t forget when you take a class to post a sweaty selfie and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Google!  We would love to hear what your favorite virtual class is!

You will now have access to view our library of classes right from the link below:

Access with your Mindbody login.