About The Club

March 15, 2021

Holy moly…. What a year! 

As we sat down to write this note, we were filled with so much emotion.  

It’s insane to think that exactly 1 year ago today we were forced to close our doors with only a 5 hour notice. So much has changed in the last 365 days that it sometimes feels like a lifetime ago.  This day will be etched into our memory for quite some time, if not forever.  It was heartbreaking to see one of our trainers working out while Governor Hogan was speaking.  She was tearing up when he announced that gyms had to be closed by that evening.  

With little to no notice, we immediately jumped into action. This started with a 7pm Virtual class right from Facebook.  Just like every business owner, we had to put our creative hats on to try to make the “2 week” closure… (that turned into 3 months) bearable for our beloved members, trainers, instructors & employees.  

Our top priority was to assist our team members on how to navigate these uncharted waters and to ensure that members had an opportunity to continue with their fitness journey.  Stress was so incredibly high and our community needed our services even more than ever.  Virtual Personal Training Sessions & hosting our classes on FB was our new norm.  We even offered these classes on our public Facebook page for FREE so that everyone was able to participate in our award winning classes.  Hosting these classes & keeping our instructors/trainers working was crucial in putting some much needed income in our teams pockets.

During the closure, we transitioned from offering LIVE virtual classes on Facebook to building an online library of classes which is now included in every membership at NO additional cost.  Once allowed, we offered outdoor fitness opportunities to members as well.  Kudos to our amazing team for bringing out all of the equipment for both Group X classes and open gym where members could use the equipment on their own.  This was a beast of an operation and we are grateful to our amazing Front Desk Team Members for helping us through this time.  

Each month, more and more restrictions were lifted or implemented so change was constant.  Thank you to the members who embraced all of the changes that were thrown our way.  We are so incredibly grateful for our LOYAL members who stuck with us through this incredibly trying and difficult time.  You showered us with emails, phone calls & letters stating why it was critical we pushed through, and gave us the strength to keep moving forward.  Your support was phenomenal and was a true inspiration on how a community can come together in a crisis.  

We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Our new President stated that all adults will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine by May 1st!  School busses are on the roads, kiddos are back playing team sports & the tulips are popping.  Looking back…what a different Spring this will be..and we are thrilled to still be here serving this amazing community.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for everyone who stuck with us during these long and uncertain 365 days.  Your love & support was uplifting and we will forever be grateful.  

Keep it going!  Support local, pay it forward when you can & please, please, be extra kind to one another this year.  There are so many people that are struggling both mentally and physically.  Instead of asking what can someone do for me…. Let’s ask ourselves how we can be better at serving our SoCo community.  Let’s stop the negative talk and be kind to one another.  We have so much to be grateful for.

Cheers to you and your health!

K & V